bu...@no-log.org wrote (Sun, 29 May 2022 14:50:42 +0200):
> package: partman-hfs
> severity: wishlist
> Tags: patch l10n
> Dear mainteners, hello,
> Please find attach the french templates translation proofread by the
> debian-l10n-french mailing list contributors.
> this file should be put as debian/fr.po in your package build tree

The package which you translated here is a special case: it is part of the 
debian-installer, and therefore covered by a process, which is sometimes 
called the "l10n machinery" in the installer team.
This process merges all the translation material from all installer
packages into one structure:
containing all the po files for all languages, for the whole installer.

And in this debian-installer world, it's enough for translators to
work in this d-i repository; no need to work on the separate packages

Anyway, long story short:
I have cherry-picked your translation into the d-i repository here:

Closing this bug now.
Thanks for your work

The is some little work to do for French in the installer files:
Maybe you can take some minutes?


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