Package: task-kde-desktop
Version: 3.69+rebuild

The default sddm theme on most distributions running the KDE plasma
environment (and the expected one for a majority of users) is the breeze
theme, as it provides a more integrated user experience, as opposed to Maui
or Elarun.

sddm-theme-debian-breeze should not be a hard dependency of the KDE task,
but should be recommended and this pulled in with the default apt
configuration. sddm-theme-debian-breeze was chosen as opposed to
sddm-theme-breeze as it is branded by Debian.

Additionally, the package should be made a recommends of task-kde-desktop
as opposed to sddm as most (if not all) of its dependencies will already
exist on a KDE desktop, but be missing in a different environment (such as
an LXQT desktop, which also defaults to sddm), and serves the sole purpose
of better integration with the default KDE Plasma theme.

Christopher Prats

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