El 12/06/22 a las 14:13, Patrick Schleizer escribió:
> Package: ifupdown
> Severity: normal
> Dear maintainer,
> in file /etc/network/interfaces ...
> Could you please consider instead of setting the default:
> source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*
> change suggestion:
> source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*.conf
> Reason:
> When
> - text editor (such as kate) create backup files (such as
> /etc/network/interfaces.d/50_user~ with the tilde at the end)
> - local packages by system administrator or Debian derivatives place
> configuration drop-in snippets in /etc/network/interfaces.d/ folder,
> then on upgrades then redundant files might end up in that folder such
> as those with file extensions '.dpkg-old' or '.dpkg-dist'.
> When ifupdown is restarted, an interface is likely to be duplicated
> leading to ifupdown failure, resulting in a broken network connection.
> By parsing only configuration files such as with the `*.conf` file
> extension issues with parsing unexpected files created by editors
> (backup files) or dpkg are avoided.

Thanks for your report. I think it makes sens. But for the moment, I am
pushing it to a separate branch. If I am not wrong, the debian-installer
installs some files in /etc/network/interfaces.d/, so there must be some
coordination to avoid issues in future installs.

Debian Installer Team: it is OK from your side to make the change
described above?


 -- Santiago

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