* Cyril Brulebois <k...@debian.org> [2022-06-22 15:39]:
> > Basically to revert the change to build/config/armel/kirkwood/netboot.cfg
> > from commit e799d626f45e9c706d05003e3112d481db2870a9

> Tried that, building in bullseye_armel-dchroot on amdahl (following
> instructions at https://dsa.debian.org/doc/schroot/); but it fails to

Thank you!

> build since openrd bits are missing from the u-boot package?

I think you completely reverted commit e799d626f4.  You should only
revert the change to build/config/armel/kirkwood/netboot.cfg but not
the change to build/boot/arm/armel-kirkwood-u-boot-image-config
(since OpenRD for u-boot was removed).

I guess your build failure is because you reverted the change to
build/boot/arm/armel-kirkwood-u-boot-image-config as well. (I'm only
guessing here since it's been years I looked at this, but I think so.)

(If it builds, can you upload the images somewhere so Rick can test

Thanks again!
Martin Michlmayr

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