Martin Michlmayr <> (2022-06-22):
> I think you completely reverted commit e799d626f4.  You should only
> revert the change to build/config/armel/kirkwood/netboot.cfg but not
> the change to build/boot/arm/armel-kirkwood-u-boot-image-config
> (since OpenRD for u-boot was removed).

Sorry, didn't pay enough attention…

> I guess your build failure is because you reverted the change to
> build/boot/arm/armel-kirkwood-u-boot-image-config as well. (I'm only
> guessing here since it's been years I looked at this, but I think so.)

Absolutely right.

> (If it builds, can you upload the images somewhere so Rick can test
> them?)

Sure, that was the plan all along. has the tarball after a
full debian-installer build (it'll stay there until it's superseded by
another attempt if required, or until that ends up being published in a
point release).

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