* Rick Thomas <rick.tho...@pobox.com> [2022-06-23 03:20]:
> Short story:
>     Works a treat!

Thank you for testing!

> Next test:
>     1) Install from/to a uSD card
>     2) Install from a uSD card to an eSATA disk drive --leaving the /boot 
> partition on the uSD.

I think the system can boot from SATA (not sure about eSATA).

>     3) Anything else you might want to try?

I don't think so; thanks a lot!

> Detail:
>     The u-boot version that's on the "ultimate" is
> => version
> U-Boot 2016.11+dfsg1-4~20170308~1 (Mar 09 2017 - 01:27:49 +0000)

That's fine.

OpenRD was actually restored in u-boot upstream, but I doubt it's
worth the effort to add it back to Debian since there are so few
users.  Then again, if you get OpenOCD running and want to try, maybe
Vagrant could re-enable it.  (Is armel going to be in the next Debian
release?  I thought it was going to get dropped but it's still there.)

Martin Michlmayr

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