* Cyril Brulebois <k...@debian.org> [2022-06-23 19:42]:
> Here's what I just pushed to the bullseye branch (which is going to be
> used when building d-i for the next point release):
> https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/debian-installer/-/commit/3ef30be60ab128f53a0cd16e6c1e91a3123988b4
> I'm not certain what you'd like to do with the bug report: consider it
> all about restoring netboot support? Or would you like to keep it open
> to investigate some possible follow-up regarding u-boot?
> Happy to perform s/see: #934072/closes: #934072/ in the changelog if
> that makes sense.

Closing it is fine.

If armel stays in bookworm, it might make sense to re-enable u-boot
for that release, but we'd first file a bug on the u-boot package.

Thank you for resolving this issue!
Martin Michlmayr

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