Control: reassign -1 hw-detect

On 17/04/2023 at 17:52, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
Pascal Hambourg <> (2023-04-17):
Ugly attached patch works for me as PoC.
Copy fd 0 into fd 9 (because it looked unused) before entering the
pipeline, and restore it when running install_firmware_pkg.

I think I'd be happy to take this patch for bookworm, as a workaround…

Here is another patch for hw-detect moving the install_firmware_pkg()
call outside the pipeline instead of playing with file descriptors.

… before considering a real/better fix after bookworm.

Feel free to pick either patch you like. Both work for me.

To be fair, I searched if other firmware packages than firmware-ipw2x00 had a preinst script using debconf dialog which required this fix, and the only other one I found is firmware-ivtv which is not related with networking or storage.

PS: shouldn't this bug report be reassigned to hw-detect ?

Where the bug comes from seems pretty clear by now, so feel free to
reassign, and maybe clone it so that we can track the workaround
(bookworm) and the fix (post-bookworm).

I've never cloned a bug report, so I'd rather leave it to a more experienced user.

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