On 25/04/2023 at 03:24, Matt Taggart wrote:

When in the partitioning and editing a partition, if I am on the "bootable" option and select, it does not toggle but remains "no". The screen flashes, bot no change. I have not yet checked what ends up in the partition table after the install.

Is it a GPT partition table ?

GPT is the default partition table type with EFI boot or disk size above 2 TiB. In GPT, "boot" and "esp" parted flags are equivalent and both represent the "EFI system partition" type (IMO this is a big mess).

If this should be fixed, not sure how.
- Set/unset the "esp" flag at the same time as the "boot" flag if GPT ?
- Hide the "bootable" option if GPT ?
- Map the "bootable" option to the "legacy_boot" parted flag instead of "boot" if GPT ? (AFAIK only syslinux/extlinux uses this flag)

Also, there is another issue with this: changing the use of an ESP partition to something else will not remove the boot/esp flag. This is annoying when you want to change it to "BIOS boot" which should have the "bios_grub" flag instead.

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