Thanks for following up. I tried the bookworm netinstall and the PXE boot,
but the install failed in the same way:

I used the netbot.tar.gz as well as the USB


I managed to get the PXE netboot to work using DHCPD and AFTPD. I modified
the splash.png to be a black 640x480 PNG file and also updated grub.cfg to
replace --- quiet with --debug.

I was able to boot into grub and then I issued the commands based on the
"Expert install" menu entry:

    linux /debian-installer/amd64/linux --- debug
    initrd /debian-installer/amd64/initrd.gz

After issuing boot, the installer hanged indefinitely with no output.
Here's a 1m video of this after pressing Enter on boot:

Is there a way to get more verbose output to figure out what is hanging

I also want to add that I tried an Ubuntu image and this booted properly:

Thanks again,


On Sat, May 13, 2023 at 6:58 PM Cyril Brulebois <> wrote:

> Hi Ernesto,
> Ernesto Alfonso <> (2023-05-13):
> > I'm attempting to setup Debian on a Dell Inspiron All-in-One system,
> > either as dual boot or replacing the existing windows 10 OS.
> >
> > The installer hangs after entering either the "graphical install",
> > "install" or "live" options from the initial menu. I used the latest
> > 64-bit installer: debian-11.7.0-amd64-netinst.iso, burned onto a USB
> > drive using the dd command:
> >
> > sudo dd if=/debian-11.7.0-amd64-netinst.iso of=/dev/sda
> OK, all of that looks good to me. You could try and replace “quiet” with
> “debug” on any entry to see if you're getting some error messages.
> > I've tried to disable most or all of the UEFI secure boot options on
> > the BIOS and also the RAID/storage related settings: […]
> That really shouldn't be needed, we've been supporting Secure Boot for a
> while. And yes, it's starting to be rather common for systems to come
> without any support for BIOS/Legacy booting (and I kind of like the way
> some hardware manufacturers are up-front about it, with a clear message
> in their UEFI firmware interface).
> > Is it possible to install Debian on this type of system?
> At this stage, I'd suggest giving Bookworm a shot, e.g. using the D-I
> Bookworm RC 2 installer. Or wait a few hours (maybe days), at which
> point an RC 3 should become available.
> Cheers,
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