Holger Wansing <hwans...@mailbox.org> (2023-06-22):
> I have just pushed a change to installation-guide, which I would like
> to have in stable|bookworm:
> We received a new translation into Indonesian some time ago, but this is not
> visible on the website currently.
> The reason for this is: I missed to add id to debian/langlist and therefore
> Indonesian is not included into the package, sadly :-(
> To fix this, I would like to have this in stable, and thus get this uploaded
> into proposed-updates before the next point release.
> That would also bring 
>       "Document power-of-two support in partman" (commit a7a45dfe) 
> and some translation updates for this into stable as well.
> Would that work?
> Could you care about an respective upload?

First things first when it comes to trying to get things into point
releases: get changes into *unstable*, then only think about stable.

If at all possible, I'd like to remain out of any critical path for
anything for a while, last months have been quite intenseā€¦

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