Control: reassign -1 src:linux 6.1.27-1
Control: affects -1 debian-installer installation-reports

Hi Joel,

Joel May <> (2023-06-25):
> This bug was fixed in kernel version 6.1.33 by commit
> e8631d84c01ece34670af0d300a6f88d86d12f70.  I compiled from source and
> confirm that the problem is indeed fixed in 6.1.33.
> The root of the problem is that the "family" in the SMBIOS is "Lenovo
> ThinkSystem HR330A/HR350A" not "eMAG", so a workaround broken
> SetVirtualAddressMap() is not applied.

Oh wow, thanks for tracking this down.

> I now see that this bug applies to more than installer, that just
> happened to be where I first was blocked by it.  I'm not sure if I
> can/should reclassify this bug report to the kernel package.

Let's reassign so that it can be documented as fixed in a further
upload, to be included into stable via a point release, at which point
the installer will be rebuilt against it… while leaving some pointers
for others to find.

Cyril Brulebois (            <>
D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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