Roland Clobus <> (2023-06-28):
> My findings so far:
> * The command line arguments of syslogd and klogd (both from Busybox) have not
> changed between Bookworm and Trixie.
> * At the moment of the failure, the /var/log folder contains only 3 files [3]:
> syslog (a single line, stating that syslog was started from Busybox [4]),
> partman and Xorg.0.log
> * When running `logger`, an entry should have been created in /var/log/syslog,
> but that doesn't happen. The netinst image from Bookworm works correctly.
> * Possibly relevant packages that have been updated: busybox, libc, linux-
> image, bsdutils

busybox seems to me like the most likely suspect here. deb-reversion'ing
bookworm's version as a version that's newer than the one in unstable,
stashing its binaries under build/localudebs and building say a
netboot(-gtk) image should be a quick way to test that hypothesis.

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