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Austin Moss <aus...@themosses.org> (2023-06-28):
>    When installing Debian with the graphical installer from the DVD ISO, one 
> of
> the steps during the installer prompts users to connect to a network to
> retrieve up to date packages. Later in the installer, the user is prompted to
> choose additional packages such as the GNOME desktop environment. Once the
> install is complete, the user will boot in to the newly installed system and
> GNOME's network indicator will show no network connectivity even though they
> configured such during the install and the network is likely up.
>         This appears to be due to the installer configuring ifupdown and
> placing the selected interface in /etc/network/interfaces. GNOME's graphical
> settings application provides a front end for NetworkManager and as such, will
> not display the interface used during the installer. To display the interface
> in GNOME Settings, a user needs to remove the interface from
> /etc/network/interfaces.
>         Without knowing why the network is not displayed in the graphical
> interface, users will be confused as to why they can browse the web or perform
> other network tasks even though the GUI does not indicate a network 
> connection.
> This may also present a problem especially for wireless cards if a user needs
> to connect to a new wireless network but cannot see their wireless card from
> the GUI.
>         One of the fixes may be to clean /etc/networks/interfaces after the
> installation if a user has selected to install GNOME, KDE, or any desktop
> environment which provides a graphical front end for NetworkManager.

netcfg is the component responsible for forwarding network settings from
the installer's context to the installed system. A few bugs were fixed
that led to having no /e/n/i configuration for wireless interfaces in
the non-NetworkManager case, and I cannot exclude the possibility I
might have introduced a regression for the NetworkManager case.

It feels a little strange that such a big issue wouldn't have been
spotted via the many tests that are run for the release, but maybe we
aren't actively checking that particular point (yet)…

Could you please share /var/log/installer/syslog (compressed) via

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