Control: retitle -1 busybox-udeb: /var/log/syslog is empty

On 28/06/2023 22:54, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
With a local build, confirmed -3 is buggy, and that reverting only
busybox-udeb to -1 is sufficient to restore syslog support in the

Confirmed and details to reproduce:

* Download the busybox binary file from [1] and extract the file `busybox`
* Run the latest netinst image in Qemu/KVM (sid)
* Select the installer
* Answer all the questions and let it run until an error (to make sure that the network is properly configured)
* Select a shell in the installer
* Download the older busybox binary file (you can use my server)
  `cd /`
  `chmod a+x busybox`
* Kill the running syslogd
  `ps | grep syslogd`
  `kill <the_pid>`
* Restart syslogd from the older busybox
  `/busybox syslogd -m 0 -O /var/log/syslog -S`
* Log something
  `logger -t Test It works now`
* Send Ctrl-Alt-F4, to see the output in the log

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus


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