I want to try fixing a bug that debian-installer: GUI font for
Japanese was incorrectly rendered. [1]

So, I suggest to use MotoyaLCedar for Japanese with GUI installer.
(Any advice are welcome to fix this issue correctly)

As far as I know, this bug was caused by switching from
ttf-cjk-compact to fonts-android udeb. 

At that time, kmuto-san explains Cons [2] about fonts-android.

   - Some Japanese characters look bit funny.
   (I believe it is negligible for installer.)

"funny" means that Japanese Kanji is not rendered appropriate Kanji
glyph (typeface), instead, it was rendered as Simplified Chinese.

This is a known issue of han unification. [3] [4]
He says negligible for installer, but I don't think so.
You must reinterpret different glyph(typeface) when you
choose Japanese explicitly during GUI install.

Here is the actual examples:

* Unexpected rendered screenshot image with current Debian 12 installer:
* Appropriately rendered screenshot image:

NOTE: even though "Continue" and "Back" button can't be
rendered correctly when you choose Japanese.

To solve this issue, I've tried the following steps.

Step 1: Bundle MotoyaLCedar (MTLc3m.ttf) for fonts-android-udeb.
       MTLc3m.ttf itself is included fonts-android source archive,
       but not shipped as a udeb yet.
Step 2: Apply PoC patch for cdebconf package to use MotoyaLCedar.
       The actual patch file is attached to #1037256.
Step 3: build cdimage with build_netboot-gtk

Here is the Pros and Cons:

  * Fix longstanding Japanese glyph (typeface) rendering issue
    which is introduced since Debian 9 (stretch).
  * No side effect for other languages.

  * Increase image size a bit. +1.9MB

Any though?

[1] debian-installer: GUI font for Japanese was incorrectly rendered
[2] Proposal: Drop ttf-cjk-compact, get fonts-droid
[3] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/GUIFonts
[4] Your Code Displays Japanese Wrong

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