> > It's great that it works for you and for some teams, but it doesn't
> > work for me and for others. For me, if someone else is listed in
> > Uploaders, then it's their property and I'm not touching it unless
> > absolutely necessary.
> Look, you have an interpretation of Uploaders that is wildly
> different
> from how others in the Project perceive it, and IMO in outright
> conflict
> with the Policy. That is not a sound basis for the change you
> propose.
> Regardless, why not solve the problem by simply by adding yourself to
> Uploaders, as others have suggested? Or ask one of the current
> Uploaders
> to do it, if that is more agreeable to you?

That doesn't solve the problem, given I explicitly do _not_ want to
claim ownership of the package for myself. Just provide occasional
contributions given it's under-mantained at the moment.

Kind regards,
Luca Boccassi

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