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retitle 684128 src:debian-installer: show ISO/IEC 60027-2 units (as well); show 
valid suffixes
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Holger Wansing dixit:

>So I guess it works as it should.
>The (visual) output is still in MB / GB, apart from this a see no issue.

Hrm, the output being only in one format can be a problem, but it’s
not as critical. I would still love for *that* to be fixed, i.e. either
only ISO/IEC 60027-2 units or both those and decimal.

>With a 12.0 netinst image, creating a new partition with a size of 512 MiB
>results in a parition of 536 MB

OK, thanks for confirming. I heard twohundred-something across the room,
which would have been quite off, but didn’t have a chance to visually
inspect myself.

Could this information (valid unit sufficēs) be added to the dialogue
where the size is entered? Screen space should suffice.

I’ll repurpose this bug for that (both input and output changes).

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