Philip Hands <> writes:
> However, I am now wondering whether we might not be better off using
> `archdetect` to see if we're on an efi system, and then make the attempt
> to call mountvirtfs for the efivarfs conditional on that.

After a diversion[1], I had a look at the archdetect option, and have
discovered that this simple patch:

fixes the UEFI boot, without breaking the BIOS boot (on amd64 at least,
while doing a minimal install):

I hope/assume that all the arches that need this have the good grace to
return `efi` as their subarch. If there's any risk that's not the case,
we could also apply the previous patch.

If you want to do your own tests, the mini.iso can be downloaded via:

BTW that's in the artifacts of the `mini-ISO` job, which can be found by
looking at the pipeline linked from the commit above[2], and looking to
the right for the Downstream pipelines -- further right you can find
links to the openQA jobs above.

Cheers, Phil.

[1] rewriting branch2repo so that it doesn't need a state repo. for
many use-cases, which will hopefully allow anyone to run these D-I tests
on salsa, without any special setup.

Philip Hands --

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