You mean you have chosen "MATE Desktop Environment" in the installer in the "task selection" (a.k.a tasksel)?

Yes; thank you for prompting me to clarify that.

The "libreoffice" package suggests libreoffice-gnome | libreoffice-plasma but indeed  the MATE task just does
Depends: tasksel (= 3.73), task-desktop, mate-desktop-environment, lightdm
Recommends: gimp, synaptic, libreoffice-writer, libreoffice-calc, libreoffice-impress, libreoffice-help-en-us, mythes-en-us, hunspell-en-us, hyphen-en-us, network-manager-gnome, orca, libreoffice-gtk3
But that (understandably, leaving out Base etc) bypasses the "libreoffice" metapackage (except that that suggests is not shown when being installed by the installer anyway...)

Ah, that explains it! Thanks for finding that, Rene. I was looking at pkgs and didn't even think to go up a level to tasksel.

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