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Lukas Märdian <sl...@debian.org> (2024-02-19):
> I've been working on a merge-request for debian-installer/netcfg,
> which adds support for Netplan to debian-installer.
> If and only if the `netplan-generator` package is detected to be
> installed in the target system, netcfg will write corresponding
> Netplan configuration to /target/etc/netplan/. Otherwise, it will
> stick to writing the traditional ifupdown or NetworkManager
> configuration.
> Some discussions happened already on the MR since DebConf23, but I'd
> appreciate any additional feedback to the road to getting this merged!
> https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/netcfg/-/merge_requests/9

From an earlier look, I think I'd go for an explicit no-op (and comment)
in a netplan case, instead of just having the comment in a different
case; but that's really just cosmetic.

I'll try and get around to testing this soon-ish, then merge and upload
if that goes fine.

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