On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 07:16:36AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> While testing D-I with the install of the desktop task in French
> language, I have noticed that there are several successive prompts for
> dictionaries settings:
> -first choose between American English and "handle symlinks youself"

This first one has a different origin. At this time localization-config
decided that default is french, but french is not (yet) to be installed,
only American, so when configuring dictionaries-common ispell symlink
cannot be set and an error is triggered, offering the really installed

> -then choose between American English, "francais" and "handle symlinks 
> youself"
> -then choose between "francais", "francais GUTenberg" and "handle symlinks 
> youself"
> -then choose between "ameriucan English", "francais", "francais GUTenberg" 
> and "handle symlinks youself"
> -finally choose between "american English", "british", "francais", "francais 
> GUTenberg" and "handle symlinks youself"
> It seems that each time a new dictionary is added (by tasksel
> settings), the user is then prompted at high priority.

Seems that lang tasks are processed as independent processes, not merged
into a global install (along with dictionaries-comon, if required), and that
is the reason for the multiple calls. This should not happen if all desired
ispell dicts (or wordlists) are installed simultaneously along with
dictionaries-common. By the way, are wordlists not installed, showing
similar behavior?

> This makes the default install a real pain, unfortunately, and this
> sounds really strange.
> More funnily, this was *not* happening a while ago during my tests of
> default installs in French.

May be because tasks were installed in other way at that time, and french
dict was present for the first global dicts installation along with
dictionaries-common. dictionaries-common code is mostly the same than in

# apt-get install ibritish ifrench ifrench-gut

should prompt just once if they are not installed. BTW, ifrench and
ifrench-gut conflict, is strange to see "francais", "francais GUTenberg" as
options. May be there is a bad relationship there.

> Is there something we can do about this...hopefully *before* Etch ?

How are lang tasks handled in current d-i?

> I suggest keeping the CC list in answers, unless Agustin explicitely
> says that [EMAIL PROTECTED] really reaches him (@p.d.o
> addresses need X-PTS-Approved headers, IIRC).

IIRC, as maintainer I should receive [EMAIL PROTECTED], as well
as Rafael and Rene from their PTS suscription. However, I do not know if
it needs special headers.


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