> > It seems that each time a new dictionary is added (by tasksel
> > settings), the user is then prompted at high priority.
> Seems that lang tasks are processed as independent processes, not merged
> into a global install (along with dictionaries-comon, if required), and that
> is the reason for the multiple calls. This should not happen if all desired
> ispell dicts (or wordlists) are installed simultaneously along with
> dictionaries-common. By the way, are wordlists not installed, showing
> similar behavior?

Joey, that might be the reason. Any input on this ?
(CC'ed just to get attention)

> > More funnily, this was *not* happening a while ago during my tests of
> > default installs in French.
> May be because tasks were installed in other way at that time, and french
> dict was present for the first global dicts installation along with
> dictionaries-common. dictionaries-common code is mostly the same than in
> sarge,

Frans reports that he has seen this for a pretty long time for English
installs, indeed.

> > Is there something we can do about this...hopefully *before* Etch ?
> How are lang tasks handled in current d-i?

Let's get Joey's input about this.

Anyway, is there still a rationale for the dictionaries question to be
*high* priority ? After all, the default is *always* a sensible
default so it should certainly deserve to be downgraded to a medium
priority question. It will harm default installs way less than now.

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