> a) Does the problem you describe happens with wordlists too? Code is
>    similar the the ispell dicts one. The only difference was that
>    localization-config interfered with the ispell dict code while not with
>    wordlist. In Frans example, wamerican+dictionaries-common should have
>    triggered a debconf prompt if dictionaries-common code were not working.

Dunno if that "happens with wordlists". It happens when the
desktop+french+french-desktop tasks are selected (directly or
indirectly, as language tasks are selected because of the choice of
French during the install). Add to this the ackages installed on a
standard system.

These tasks install:





The standard task installs "ibritish" and "iamerican" as well. Not
sure if "wbritish" and "wamerican" are installed, though.

> b) Is localization-config in use or not? From Frans first mail I assumed
>    that localization-config was not in use for ispell dicts. I had my doubts
>    since I saw no mention in localization-config changelog. However from
>    Frans last mail seemed that localization-config was not in use at all.
>    What is the current status of localization-config w.r.t default ispell
>    dict selection? Also, if first menu were a localization-config problem
>    you should have seen an error message (with 'high' priority) before
>    that menu.

localization-config is not used

> c) Does debian-installer still use debian-installer/{language,country}?
>    dictionaries-common.config relies on them. However, if they are no longer
>    used, that would only lead to a single question for ispell dicts and a
>    single question for wordlists, not to a question for every installed
>    dict/wordlist. 

yes, it does.

> d) Is the problem reproducible?
>    I now remember a 'debconf question asked on every upgrade' bug,
>    (See #335612), due to debconf database corruption, presumably related to
>    a nearly full /var partition. If you reproduce the problem, please look
>    at the debconf database entries for the different dicts and
>    dictionaries-comon questions, and report if there is something strange.

Of coursen it is reproducible. It happens on every desktop install in

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