Things are finally starting to come together for RC1.
- We've found a good work-around for the bug in g-i where selected lines
  in multi-select lists would not be shown. We need new versions of
  some gtk packages for that, but these have now been uploaded.
  Thanks especially to Loïc Minier for his fast packaging work!
- The last important open TODO items were done during the past week:
  - 2.6 floppy support for i386
  - partman-auto-raid (only through preseeding)

We currently still have some blocking bugs:
- regression in the progress bar in the newt frontend (#391676)
- incorrect display for CJK languages (newt/slang: #392942/392987)
- keyboard support on mips SGI Indigo2 (#382983)
- floppies too big for powerpc (should be possible to resolve using
  new infrastructure by Sylvain Ferriol)

The release preparation page on the wiki [1] is mostly up-to-date with 
regards to issues and TODO items before the release.
The page also lists the changes implemented since Beta 3 which will be 
used as basis for the release notes; let me know if you miss items.

Soft freeze for commits
We should now stop making structural changes in the installer, but bug 
fixing is still possible. If you have doubts if a commit is OK, please 
contact me.
Also, please contact me before uploading if you have any doubts.

Please start testing the installer for all architectures NOW
All udebs with functional changes have now been uploaded, so this is an 
excellent time to test different architectures using *daily* images!

We can now still make changes. Please don't wait until the last moment to 
test and find out there are architecture specific issues.

Release planning
The schedule was becoming too complex as there are two sets of migrations 
to testing: an initial one for current state and a final one with fixes 
and translation updates. I have therefore split it into two separate and 
partially overlapping schedules.
It is also somewhat optimistic, so some slippage is likely. If there is 
slippage, is is likely to be a full week. If we switch to 2.6.18 before 
RC1, that will also likely cause a weeks delay.

I have not planned very long periods for testing. I'd rather use RC1 
itself for extensive testing and fix remaining issues in RC2.

Now        String freeze; soft freeze for commits, bug fixing OK
16    Oct  Start migrating current udebs to testing
16-22 Oct  Architecture tests based on daily images; fix where needed !!!
20/21 Oct  First upload of debian-installer
21/22 Oct  Implement necessary changes in debian-cd
25    Oct  Weekly full CD build for new installer
26-29 Oct  Testing and fixes for full CDs

22    Oct  End of string freeze; full freeze for udebs
23    Oct  Upload all udebs with translation updates or pending changes
25/26 Oct  Most udebs should have migrated to testing
26    Oct  Final build and upload of d-i
27    Oct  Switch daily links to etch_d-i
27-30 Oct  Final testing using daily images
30    Oct  Weekly full CD build
 1- 4 Nov  Further testing
 1- 4 Nov  Preparation of release notes, errata, etc.
 5    Nov  Migration of d-i to testing
 3/ 4 Nov  CD builds
 5    Nov  Release

P.S. I have accepted an invitation to participate in a workshop to develop 
a customized installer/distribution in Bhutan (thanks to Christian).
I will be gone from 5-22 November, but will still be able to work on 
release issues part-time while there.


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