On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 04:36:09PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Christian Perrier ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> > While testing D-I with the install of the desktop task in French
> > language, I have noticed that there are several successive prompts for
> > dictionaries settings:
> > 
> > -first choose between American English and "handle symlinks youself"
> > -then choose between American English, "francais" and "handle symlinks 
> > youself"
> > -then choose between "francais", "francais GUTenberg" and "handle symlinks 
> > youself"
> > -then choose between "ameriucan English", "francais", "francais GUTenberg" 
> > and "handle symlinks youself"
> > -finally choose between "american English", "british", "francais", 
> > "francais GUTenberg" and "handle symlinks youself"
> I just installed a fresh system today, with D-I RC1 businesscard. The
> install was a testing install, choosing "desktop system" and "standard
> system".
> The install was done in French with all default settings.
> D-I *does not* use localization config.

I think this is clear now.

> And I still got prompted five times about dictionaries.

However, there is another thing above that puzzles me,

$ apt-cache show ifrench
Conflicts: ifrench-gut

$ apt-cache show ifrench-gut
Conflicts: ifrench

How do you manage to install both at the same time?

More things, I remember to have been prompted when apt-utils was not
installed and so, no pre-configuration was possible or, when due to
space limitation in the /var partition some sort of debconf database
corruption happened.

So, does the problem appear at the pre-configure or at the postinst
stage? Do other questions appear at the pre-configure stage?

Also, as soon as you get this problem, and before the apt cache is
cleaned, please check /var partition available size.

> This problem will undoubtfully lead to very bad reviews of D-I by
> French users if not solved.

I wish I could reproduce it. I will try a new qemu run with French defaults
and see what happens. Not sure it that will be possible this week, and will
not be with the businesscard, unless I learn how making qemu use the


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