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Package: rsync
Severity: wishlist

Many times, when one is downloading a large file, the transfer gets interrupted
for one reason or another. What if rsync could:

1) Compare file sizes between server and client, and for whichever one is
smaller (call this computer A), look at that much of the file on the end with
the larger file (call this computer B). In other words, take computer A's
file and compare the md5sum (or initially, Adler32) against the first however
many bytes of computer's B file (as determined by filesize on computer A). 
This treats the portion of the file already on computer A as one chunk, 
meaning only one checksum must be computed and sent over the wire. Possibly, 
rsync (on each end) could internally still break it apart, to take advantage 
of redundancies (but even with this, checksums of these internally-computed 
blocks do not have to be sent over the wire).

2) If they match, continue onwards (with the normal blocksize and whatnot) from
that point. This could save much time(/bandwidth) computing, sending, and 
comparing lots of small checksums. If they don't match, rsync can just work as 


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On Thu 10 Jul 2014, Paul Slootman wrote:

> Sounds like --partial covers most of what this bug report is about, no?

Now closing this bug report after no feedback.


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