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Package: grub2-common
Version: 2.00-22
Severity: grave

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This is not the computer that has the grub problem even if this computer
has the same source.list and the samepackage installed.

The computer that does not boot has several disk installed (SATA, PATA
and 1 external USB disk). The problem is born today after the
apt-getdist-upgrade command.

A disk contains /users directory (the main subdirectory are /users/home
and /users/root) and the other disk other imformations.

I have completely erased the disk containing the operating system and I
have installed from skratch linux again using the Debian Testing of
today (CD version - I have used only the first disk).

After the installation I have the same problem. Grub says

error: file not found

This is the worst problem of Debian after years of use, but it is grave!
Now I try to install again the system using lilo.

SystemRescueCD is not able to perform a chroot on the mounted disk that
contains the unbootable operating system.

I hope you resolve soon this problem.

Thanks in advance
Marco Righi

--- System information. ---
Architecture: amd64
Kernel:       Linux 3.12-1-amd64

Debian Release: jessie/sid
  500 testing
  500 testing
  500 testing
  500 testing
  500 testing
  500 testing
  500 testing
  500 stable
  500 stable
  500 sid   
  500 debian

--- Package information. ---
Depends             (Version) | Installed
grub-common       (= 2.00-22) | 2.00-22
dpkg             (>= 1.15.4)  | 1.17.5
 OR install-info              | 5.2.0.dfsg.1-2

Package's Recommends field is empty.

Package's Suggests field is empty.

Please attach the file:
to the mail. I'd do it myself if the output wasn't too long to handle.

  Thank you!

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Resolution of this bug is pending on further information from the 

Based on the discussion in the bug, it might be a problem present only 
in a version of Grub that was never in a stable release.

If anyone can still reproduce this issue in stable, testing or unstable
please reopen this bug.



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