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Package: gnome-online-accounts
Version: 3.18.4-1
Severity: grave
Justification: renders package unusable

Hash: SHA256

gnome-control-centre shows both my Facebook and Google accounts as
expired. I am able to complete each service's authentication flow when I
press Sign in, but after doing so they still show up as expired in
gnome-control-center, and clients are unable to access my
contacts/calendar etc.

The following is logged when I attempt to sign in:

Apr 13 16:45:34 wintermute gnome-keyring-daemon[18064]: asked to register item 
/org/freedesktop/secrets/collection/login/2830, but it's already registered
Apr 13 16:45:34 wintermute org.gnome.OnlineAccounts[1538]: ** Message: Remote 
error from secret service: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name 
:1.15 was not provided by any .service files
Apr 13 16:45:34 wintermute org.gnome.OnlineAccounts[1538]: (goa-daemon:2078): 
GoaBackend-WARNING **: secret_password_lookup_sync() failed: The name :1.15 was 
not provided by any .service files

I don't think this is a dupe of #673589 since that was fixed upstream
when 2 factor authentication was implemented, and this applies to a
non-Google account as well as a Google account that uses 2-factor

- -- System Information:
Debian Release: 8.4
  APT prefers stable-updates
  APT policy: (550, 'stable-updates'), (550, 'stable'), (530, 'testing'), (520, 
'unstable'), (510, 'experimental'), (500, 'unstable-debug'), (500, 
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)

Kernel: Linux 4.4.0-1-amd64 (SMP w/2 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=en_GB.utf8, LC_CTYPE=en_GB.utf8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash
Init: systemd (via /run/systemd/system)

Versions of packages gnome-online-accounts depends on:
ii  libatk1.0-0                  2.20.0-1
ii  libc6                        2.22-5
ii  libcairo-gobject2            1.14.0-2.1+deb8u1
ii  libcairo2                    1.14.0-2.1+deb8u1
ii  libgcr-base-3-1              3.14.0-2
ii  libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0           2.32.3-1.2
ii  libglib2.0-0                 2.48.0-1
ii  libgoa-1.0-0b                3.18.4-1
ii  libgoa-backend-1.0-1         3.18.4-1
ii  libgtk-3-0                   3.18.9-1
ii  libjavascriptcoregtk-4.0-18  2.10.8-1
ii  libkrb5-3                    1.13.2+dfsg-5
ii  libpango-1.0-0               1.38.1-1
ii  libpangocairo-1.0-0          1.38.1-1
ii  librest-0.7-0                0.7.92-3
ii  libsoup2.4-1                 2.52.2-1
ii  libtelepathy-glib0           0.24.1-1
ii  libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37         2.10.8-1
ii  libxml2                      2.9.1+dfsg1-5+deb8u1

Versions of packages gnome-online-accounts recommends:
ii  dleyna-server         0.4.0-1
ii  gnome-control-center  1:3.18.2-1
ii  realmd                0.15.1-1+b2

gnome-online-accounts suggests no packages.

- -- no debconf information



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Version: 3.22.1-1

Am 13.10.2016 um 00:34 schrieb Sam Morris:
> On Tue, 2016-10-11 at 13:31 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
>> On Sun, 08 May 2016 10:56:58 +0100 Sam Morris <>
>> wrote:
>>> I'm now seeing this again.
>> Hi Sam, can you still reproduce the issue?
>> I think I ran into this as well some time ago but haven't seen it for
>> a
>> while.
> Hey Michael, I've not seen this for a good few months now, on a couple
> of different machines, so I think it's obsolete. Thanks,

Ok, let's close this then for the current version.

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