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Package: pwgen
Version: 2.06-1

The option -B is not working correctly.

The manual states for -B:
       -B, --ambiguous
              Don't  use  characters  that could be confused by the user
when printed, such as 'l' and '1', or '0' or
              'O'.  This reduces the number of possible passwords
significantly, and as such reduces the  quality  of
              the  passwords.   It  may be useful for users who have bad
vision, but in general use of this option is
              not recommended.


mail:~# pwgen -B
eiroh9Be Ooxi4Tea zukee4Th xeeF3Qua Ahh4Foon soo9aShu KooK4Aif No7geiN4
ioc3Iegh aiFe3iom aix7Kief chae3hoB nae7uuHi Shah4ohY xai4ReiB ohPeid4a
ohQu7noo Etaehe4n daa4ahGa eraeB7Ai Xiegh3Uz uqu3ahH7 vohQu4oo Uej9ees3
uiS7aen3 fae4Aiji ooroh9Va yeesoo4O eecuiW4i oohahFa3 VohQuei7 eih4Airo
Eeng4dae Faete4re ieJ4Vie7 guyei9oP Weu7feef Hoh3ug9s iej7caeD OuG4Coh7
Eghitei7 maev3Noo Shahng7b Aej9aiho ohKooth3 gaegei7W gaef9ieT quiep3Co
Aegh3Die Wa3aey9a reo7Oono Ema4ohra Tohw7oox ueKoog9g Ohthu9sh Piezo3ah
zeoDae7i xeeChei9 hooKaib9 SooToph9 aeZ7ohQu AegheiN9 faeP4hee haSie7ae
Ieng4ood maTaer7E rahbohF7 ahPa9ho3 iecae9He wo3enahW Ya7ziewo AhK3ait4
GohR4mai ikaeJa4O Ooc3aiH3 Me3mie4a aeP4um7o Oogh7ooy xiZ7waep Bugh7phe
Aekah9ie eis9Bich chaH3eem eiGhio9k Queemu4j quacho7R Miefah3u kiaG3Chu
jopa4Iez Zoh7ac7e ze9Hae9P aebaeG7A uu4he7Oo Oobaiz7e uf9eeHoo Xah9aima
Age7aiB3 fuz7ooTh doh4ZiVa dief4iJa Oodoh3re aeYeng3o eequ3Goo jahCoh7a
ao9ahMuF EakieB9U OShei9oo Eo7aebea eede7ahD AeP7hae4 aeVahM7a boo3quuC
aiQu3wai aCh9Oghu Ohgh9ohm Ooc3yira OoMeir7a Phooti3z eeCee3Ce rae3Tie9
daoD9Yo7 ahM9chao ohmeiX3N Aim3shae ahoNoox7 hohM3phi Kea3aiPh Aijo9aix
jiiNahZ9 koKaich4 hae7ooGo OhNg7eis zaeSh9vu Ethed9ae iD4az4Gi oe9Quiyi
Eih3Cawa CuaChah4 AhFow4ph aetew9Ah Ahso7iev gi7Ainis Tae9ohsa EiTiey9E
oong7Zae oCh3seew que9Ak3o ooRomaa7 ey3jieTh xeisu9Aw soh4ohQu Shaey3sa
du7Fiome vee4Shee deiQu7ei Thi9Yae9 quoh9Iir Yoodeer9 uz3sheiS ohRa9eiF

As you can se in line 1, second entry, the starting O or 0.

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fixed 516295 pwgen/2.07-1
fixed 574265 pwgen/2.07-1

These two bugs (516295 and 574265) are dups that were fixed in commit
e13c85a77658.   The repro in #516295:

while true; do pwgen --ambiguous --capitalize --num-passwords 1; done |grep 

is no longer emitting any output.

                                - Ted

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