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Package: initscripts
Version: 2.88dsf-59.10
Usertags: nonessentiale2fsprogs

Dear maintainer,

We want to make removing e2fsprogs from installations possible. For standard
installations this is not useful, but embedded applications and chroots benefit
from such an option.  For getting there all packages that use e2fsprogs must be
identified and gain a dependency on it as e2fsprogs currently is essential.

initscripts was identified as potentially needing such a dependency,
because it mentions tool names from e2fsprogs in the following files:

/etc/init.d/ contains logsave. According to file it is a POSIX shell 
script, ASCII text executable
/etc/init.d/ contains logsave. According to file it is a POSIX 
shell script, ASCII text executable

Please investigate whether these cases are actually uses of a tool from
e2fsprogs. Care has been taken to shrink the number of candidates as much as
possible, but a few false positives will remain. After doing so, do one of the

 * Add e2fsprogs to Depends.
 * Add e2fsprogs to Recommends.
 * Close this bug explaining why e2fsprogs is not used by this package.

Once e2fsprogs drops the "Essential: yes" flag, this bug will be upgraded to RC
severity. Please note that lintian will warn about such a dependency before
lintian 2.5.56.

Thanks for your help


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Given there was no followup to my last mail where I pointed out
the already existing Recommends on e2fsprogs (which was demoted
from an earlier Depends), I'm going ahead and closing this
bug report.

Andreas Henriksson

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