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Hi there,

When a package is getting autoremoved from testing due to $bugs
shows also which packages will get removed due to (build-)dep on it, with (for

    The removal of strip-nondeterminism will also cause the removal of
    (transitive) reverse dependencies: astroquery cpl-plugin-amber
    cpl-plugin-fors cpl-plugin-giraf cpl-plugin-hawki cpl-plugin-kmos
    cpl-plugin-muse cpl-plugin-sinfo cpl-plugin-uves cpl-plugin-vimos
    cpl-plugin-visir cpl-plugin-xshoo debram pyavm pyfits pyscanfcs
    python-astropy python-cpl python-pywcs veusz

Tracker does not provide that info, but only
    Marked for autoremoval on 19 August: 791574
neither the informative "dropdown" shows that info.

The data is in the same place where i believe tracker already collects
autoremove data, e.g. [0], so it's "just" a metter of elaborate that a bit more
and present them.

Some more information about autoremovals in this d-d-a mail [1] from Niels.


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Bug #792738 in reported by you has been fixed in the Git 
You can see the commit message below, and you can check the diff of the fix at:

Display transitive rdeps that are getting removed

Package removal could cause the removal of its reverse dependencies. Now,
these dependencies are shown in dropdown of an autoremoval action item.

Closes: #792738


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