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Package: subversion-tools
Version: 1.6.17dfsg-4+deb7u10
Severity: important

-- System Information:
Debian Release: 7.9
  APT prefers oldstable-updates
  APT policy: (500, 'oldstable-updates'), (500, 'oldstable')
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)

Kernel: Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 (SMP w/2 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=fr_FR.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash

Versions of packages subversion-tools depends on:
ii  subversion  1.6.17dfsg-4+deb7u10

Versions of packages subversion-tools recommends:
ii  exim4                                      4.80-7+deb7u1
ii  exim4-daemon-light [mail-transport-agent]  4.80-7+deb7u1
ii  libconfig-inifiles-perl                    2.75-1
ii  libsvn-perl                                1.6.17dfsg-4+deb7u10
ii  liburi-perl                                1.60-1
ii  python-subversion                          1.6.17dfsg-4+deb7u10
ii  rsync                                      3.0.9-4
ii  xsltproc                                   1.1.26-14.1

Versions of packages subversion-tools suggests:
pn  libsvn-ruby1.8  <none>

-- no debconf information

We migrate a SVN server to a Debian 7 wheezy old-stable.

After add subervsion-tools to get the post-commit scripts we got 2 problems :

1°) error at mail submit : option -f in not supported by exim :

* Error in command line:

mail: Cannot give -f and people to send to
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/srv/subversion/Viry/DMS/hooks/", line 1353, in <module>
  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/svn/", line 281, in run_app
    return func(application_pool, *args, **kw)
  File "/srv/subversion/Viry/DMS/hooks/", line 105, in main
  File "/srv/subversion/Viry/DMS/hooks/", line 388, in generate
    group, params, paths, subpool)
  File "/srv/subversion/Viry/DMS/hooks/", line 658, in generate_content
  File "/srv/subversion/Viry/DMS/hooks/", line 968, in render
    self._render_diffs(data.diffs, '')
  File "/srv/subversion/Viry/DMS/hooks/", line 1020, in _render_diffs
    w('\nAdded: %s\n' % diff.path)
IOError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

* Manual correction in

  def start(self, group, params):
    MailedOutput.start(self, group, params)

    ### gotta fix this. this is pretty specific to sendmail and qmail's
    ### mailwrapper program. should be able to use option param substitution

    #cmd = self.cmd + [ '-f', self.from_addr ] + self.to_addrs
    cmd = self.cmd + [ self.from_addr ] + self.to_addrs

2°) after this patch, mail is sent, but format not good for Exim :  the 
metadata like from, type,... are in the body of the mail :

 Final result:

* Missing subject line
* All meta info shown in body

_____________ MAIL BODY ___________________
From: durea
Subject: r4 - trunk
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Author: durea
Date: Mon Feb 29 15:18:03 2016
New Revision: 4

add toto.txt


Added: trunk/toto.txt
--- /dev/null   00:00:00 1970   (empty, because file is newly added)
+++ trunk/toto.txt      Mon Feb 29 15:18:03 2016        (r4)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
\ Pas de fin de ligne à la fin du fichier

Ce courriel (incluant ses éventuelles pièces jointes) contient des informations 
confidentielles et/ou protégées ou dont la diffusion est restreinte. Si vous 
avez reçu ce courriel par erreur, vous ne devez ni le copier, ni l’utiliser, ni 
en divulguer le contenu à quiconque. Merci d’en avertir immédiatement 
l’expéditeur et d'effacer ce courriel de votre système. Renault Sport Racing 
décline toute responsabilité en cas de corruption par virus, d’altération ou de 
falsification de ce courriel lors de sa transmission par voie 
électronique.<br><i>Renault Sport Racing s.a.s – Registre du Commerce et des 
Sociétés d'Evry (Numéro 306.140.807) – Siège social: 1-15 Avenue du Président 
Kennedy, 91170 Viry Chatillon, France</i><br>This email (including any 
attachments) contains confidential and/or privileged information or information 
otherwise protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, 
please notify the sender immediately, do not copy this messa
 ge or any attachments and do not use it for any purpose or disclose its 
content to any person, but delete this message and any attachments from your 
system. Renault Sport Racing disclaims any and all liability if this email 
transmission was virus corrupted, altered or falsified.<br><i> Renault Sport 
Racing s.a.s – Commercial and Companies Registry of Evry (Number 306.140.807) – 
Registered office : 1-15 Avenue du Président Kennedy, 91170 Viry Chatillon, 

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Version: 1.10.0-1

On Wed, Jul 04, 2018 at 11:48:11AM -0400, PICCORO McKAY Lenz wrote:
> i have brtoken live buil due this package preferes exim4 over the
> mail-transport-agentand must not
> root@pc-desk-w32:/vnx/osposos/debianlive8# aptitude why exim4
> i   subversion-tools Recomienda exim4 | mail-transport-agent

That was changed to "default-mta | mail-transport-agent" in 1.10.0-1.

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