hi jeroen,

> This bug is unrelated to the bug you attachend your message to.

indeed, but the symptom was the same. and when i wanted to see to it, i even 
did not find squirrelmail's locales were i was used to finding them... 

in most non-english countries the locales (even if only one language is used) 
are substantial on productive systems.

> Anyway, the locales were split off in a new package,
> squirrelmail-locales. Next squirrelmail version will depend on it to
> make sure upgrades work fine. You can install it from
> packages.debian.org/squirrelmail-locales

now that i have installed the SM-locales (1.4.4-20050112-1) from unstable, the 
webmailer again refuses to view other language than english. before fiddling 
around with symlinks and copying-things i restarted my apache-ssl. just to be 

after a restart of the webserver my SM realizes the (new) locales!!! that 
should be tested and if prooved mentioned somewhere in the docs. however, i 
now do agree with your posting, that a 'dpkg-reconfigure locale' is not 
needed!!! on my system it rather seems to be a restart-matter of 

> Keeping this bug closed.
> --Jeroen



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