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Thank you for question.
libjpeg is reference code, not faulty patchwork.
Everything is said in the README:

 There are currently distributions in circulation containing the name
 "libjpeg" which claim to be a "derivative" or "fork" of the original
 libjpeg, but don't have the features and are incompatible with formats
 supported by actual IJG libjpeg distributions.  Furthermore, they
 violate the license conditions as described under LEGAL ISSUES above.
 We have no sympathy for the release of misleading and illegal
 distributions derived from obsolete code bases.
 Don't use an obsolete code base!

I mean, the original README in libjpeg, not that in the patchwork you
are talking about, which is one of the license violations.

It seems that Bill Allombert is still one of the few sane people out
there, many others have apparently gone mad.
I don't care for the ignorant people.

You may of course make a "turbo" version, I have nothing against it,
but NOT in the way mentioned.  Take libjpeg with its current features
and make it "turbo" - that would be wonderful!

For reference: http://www.libjpeg-turbo.org/About/FUD
As we can see, "the other camp" doesn't agree.
I would like to avoid political/legal/off-topic discussions that
doesn't belong to this bug report or LJT ITP. Thanks.

I fully agree with Fathi, no political discussion via an Debian ITP in BTS.

My suggestion for Debian packaging of libjpeg-turbo is:

 o split up the package as currently pre-packaged into
    - libjpeg-turbo
    - libjpeg-turbo-dev
    - libjpeg-turbo-libjpeg8-diversion (the name may not be optimal)
    - libjpeg-turbo-libjpeg8-diversion-dev

People who need libjpeg-turbo for other projects (TigerVNC, VirtualGL, etc.) may have it in Debian.

People who choose to fully replace libjpeg by libjpeg-turbo in v8 compat mode can install the libjpeg-turbo-libjpeg8-diversion (or similar name). This package replaces libjpeg8 by libjpeg-turbo via dpkg-divert. Without this package installed the two libraries can co-exist and be used either or by other packages.

I love choice! And with this approach we let the user choose whether to keep libjpeg8 or drop-in replace it by libjpeg-turbo with v8 compat mode.

Debian maintainers of applications that run with libjpeg8, but fail with libjpeg-turbo, may file BTS reports against libjpeg-turbo that we can forward to libjpeg-turbo upstream.

How is that?


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