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(I am including Debian BTS issue 617813 (Kiwix ITP) into the discussion. Fully quoting Emmanuel's mail, so all information is preserved.)

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want to enjoy Wikipedia without Internet, in a school, during a flight, in your country house... or in Jail? Kiwix is the project the Wikimedia movement have created to do that. Let me explain quickly what it is.

Kiwix is ZIM file reader. the ZIM format is an open format we have created to store Web contents. It's highly compressed but at the same time allow to retrieve content quickly and with really a few HW resources. Here is the Web site of the project:

We prepare the big ZIM files, but for small one, anybody can also create its own selection of articles using the Book creator on Wikipedia:

Kiwix is a Desktop application based on the Mozilla framework providing many features, you can have a small overview there:

We also have a HTTP version of our reader called kiwix-serve simply running from the command line, you may have a look to it there:
More information there:

I have met Kurt Gramlich at the LinuxTag212, Berlin, Germany, and we were agree that it could be a good idea to integrate Kiwix to the Skolelinux server. We have newly a compilation farm generating deb files for Wheezy and we want to integrate Kiwix to the Debian repository:
* http://mirror.kiwix.org/bin/nightly/latest/
* http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=617813

We would be really happy to get any feedbacks about our new Debian packages and see if this is possible to integrate Kiwix to Skolelinux.

As I see, your software already has an ITP filed by Vasudev Kamath. Obviously, he is already working on packaging Kiwix for Debian. If Vasudev is still active on the packaging work, please co-ordinate an inclusion of your software in Debian together with them.

NOTE: Getting Kiwix into Debian has to be the first step. Debian Edu / Skolelinux will only ship software that is in Debian. Software outside of Debian will not be included with the default installation.

IMPORTANT: For Debian wheezy (i.e. Debian Edu/Skolelinux wheezy), you have to really really quick: the Debian wheezy feature freeze will be in the second half of June 2012.

For Debian Edu, I am currently setting up a Debian Edu packaging team (a developer team that focusses on packaginge Edu related software for Debian). Kiwix could well be a software that gets maintained by this team.

The mailing list for this is:


So the first question is: Vasudev, what is the status of your work? Then an offer: Maybe you are willing to team-maintain Kiwix in the context of the Debian Edu packaging team? We would love to support and co-maintain (i.e. help out when needed).

The Debian Edu packaging preferrably prepares Debian packages here:

Shortly, the file permissions of this folder will be changed so that all Debian Developers can write to the Git project under /git/debian-edu, too (i.e. not only the Debian Edu team members).



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