Just a little bit of info I found reading the last changes to the
X intel driver:

"Release 2.20.9 (2012-09-29)
And so it came to pass that a critical bug was uncovered in UXA. The
kernel does not like to pageflip when the pipe is off, yet due to the
delayed nature of a pageflip and the relaxed checking performed by UXA,
we could request a pageflip after turning off the display (DPMS). The
kernel rejected that pageflip and the error handling path failed to
restore sanity, and when the screen came back it was stuck on the image
seen before it went to sleep. (Note that there are also some related
kernel bugs, but this update should prevent the most conspicious of the
freezes.) Many thanks to Timo Aaltonen for his efforts in tracking down
the issue.

This is not the kernel bug, but the graphics bug. However, maybe is not
a bad idea to upgrade the X driver and see what happen with 3.2.x.

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