Il 16/05/2013 23:34, Giovanni Mascellani ha scritto:
> Il 08/11/2012 11:49, Andrea Colangelo ha scritto:
>> Geogebra 4.0.41 has been released upstream. Please consider updating
>> the current Debian package in unstable.
> I'll be working on it. Unfortunately, last versions appear to have many
> more dependencies and many changes in how the source files are
> organized, so I may take some time to sort everything out.

Following a closer inspection at the licensing terms GeoGebra authors
use, I noticed that GeoGebra isn't free anymore, starting from version
4.2. The help and language files, which were before distributed under
CC-BY-SA 3.0+, have now the NC attribute to[1]. Moreover, it doesn't
seem to be possible to just avoid them, because at least the language
files are required to build the program.

 [1] http://www.geogebra.org/cms/license

The version 4.0, already in Debian and released in wheezy, is
unencumbered by this problem. So far, it seems to be impossible to
package version 4.2 or, even less, any later version (including the
version 5, currently in beta).

I'm really sorry of this thing and will get in touch with GeoGebra
developers to ask for clarifications and understand whether it's
possible to revert this decision.

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