> > > http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_xslt_module.html#xml_entities
> > >
> > I'm not familiar with this module. What are the chances that admins will
> > want to change this file? Will the defaults suffice for anyone/everyone
> > (the 99.99%)?
> My estimate is that at least everyone who wants to proxy to Plone and
> use XSLT, will need it. I arrived at this conclusion because I got
> site-breaking errors without it (libxml2 parse errors in the middle of
> the page and 404s for pages that definitely exist).
> IOW, if you are an XSLT user, I suspect that you will need such a file
> unless your web pages are generated to contain no &somesymbol; type
> entity references at all. I don't know what the default values that
> nginx (libxml2, to be specific) knows about w/o having such a file, are.
> Although I likely have no use for the bulk of the entries in that file,
> simply implementing the entire standard was easier and safer than
> picking a subset and shipping that.

That's perhaps a large way to say yes? I was just trying to ask a simpler
question. *If* an admin needs this file because they are using the xlst
module, will *this* file be exactly what 99.99% of people need with zero
modifications required?

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