su, 2005-11-20 kello 10:16 -0800, Steve Langasek kirjoitti:
> On Sun, Nov 20, 2005 at 07:29:00PM +0200, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> > Given how Unicode compliance is a release goal for Etch, having libfribidi0 
> > in Recommends is not sufficient; it 
> > really must show in Depends.
> No.  "Unicode support" refers to applications functioning in a UTF-8 locale
> as correctly as they do in a single-byte locale.

And it indeed doesn't function correctly here.  Not putting libfribidi0
as Depends breaks newt operation on UTF-8 locales, which in turns also
affects debconf.  Without it, debconf does NOT work correctly under a
UTF-8 locale using the 'dialog' front-end.

Martin-Éric Racine

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