ma, 2005-11-21 kello 16:18 +0100, Thomas Hood kirjoitti:
> IIUC, the submitter requested that call mount with the "noproc"
> option and it was later explained that this is not possible because bind
> mounts can be included in /etc/fstab.   So it seems that users should not
> include an entry for /proc in /etc/fstab.  What problem am I overlooking?
> Sorry if I'm being dense.

That /etc/fstab mounts for /proc are included in a default install?

If the current approach really is that proc is automatically found by regardless of whether it appears in fstab or not, then
perhaps initscripts should upgrade this in preinst by commenting out the
fstab entry and informing the user of this change of behavior for Etch?

Martin-Éric Racine

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