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Package name : ispell-et
Version      : 20030606
URL          :
aspell-et  - Estonian dictionary for aspell
iestonian  - Estonian dictionary for ispell
myspell-et - Estonian dictionary for myspell - Estonian hyphenation pattern for

The ispell affix and wordlists, as well as the OOo hyphenation were found as 
standalone files at the above URL, along with explanations in Estonian about 
the origin of all files. Everything else is generated by my own debian/rules.

The above version is timestamp of the last update produced by Jaak Pruulmann. 

I already have packages ready to upload. I however need to verify whether the 
software license of the Institute of the Estonian Language is considered free
according to Debian policies, before I proceed with the upload.

2003-2005, Jaak Pruulmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (updated wordlist)
1996-1999, Institute of the Estonian Language <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (original 
1993, Enn Saar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (TeX hyphenation, converted for OpenOffice 
by Jaak)

   The present Licence Agreement gives the user of this Software Product
   (hereinafter: Product) the right to use the Product for whatever purpose
   (incl. distribution, copying, altering, inclusion in other software,
   and selling) on the following conditions:

   1. The present Licence Agreement should belong unaltered to each copy
      ever made of this Product;
   2. Neither the Institute of the Estonian Language (hereinafter: IEL)
      nor the author(s) of the Product will take responsibility for any
      detriment, direct or indirect, possibly ensuing from the application
      of the Product;
   3. The IEL is ready to share the Product with other users as we wish
      to advance research on the Estonian language and to promote the use
      of Estonian in IT-technology now rapidly developing, yet we refuse
      to bind ourselves to any further obligation, which means that the
      IEL is not obliged either to warrant the suitability of the Product
      for a concrete use, to improve the program, or to provide a more
      detailed description of the underlying algorithms.
      (Which does not mean, though, that we may not do it.)
   4. Whenever you use the Product, we request that you inform us by writing
      to the e-mail address [EMAIL PROTECTED] or to street address listed below.

   Institute of the Estonian Language
   Roosikrantsi 6
   10119 Tallinn

   Phone & Fax: +372-6411443

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