Package: python3-apparmor
Version: 2.9.0-3


aa-genprof worked fine in Debian 7 but it doesn't anymore in Jessie. It
starts fine but when done with the test scenario to generate a profile
and hitting 'S' to scan for events, it doesn't find any event in the
syslog even though there are a lot of them (grepping for audit returns a
lot of lines) and I can see with aa-status that AppArmor is enabled.

Digging through the bug reports, I found the solution on the Ubuntu
and basically, the solution is to edit the value of RE_LOG_v2_6_syslog
(in class ReadLog) in
/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/apparmor/ and add
(audit:\s+)? right before 'type' in the regular expression.

Another possibility is to install auditd. If this option is chosen,
documentation at needs to be
updated to include the installation of that package.

It's pretty similar (if not equivalent) to bug 771400
( but in this
case, it's not sid (which means I'm using the default apt configuration
from a netinstall).

Best regards,

Thomas d'Otreppe de Bouvette

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