Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Ryan Kavanagh <>

* Package name    : opensmtpd-extras
  Version         : 5.7.1
  Upstream Author : OpenSMTPD project
* URL             :
* License         : ISC
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : addons for the OpenSMTPD SMTP server

 The OpenSMTPD server seeks to be
  * as secure as possible, and uses privilege separation to mitigate
    possible security bugs
  * as reliable as possible: any accepted email must not be lost
  * lean: it covers typical usage cases instead of every obscure one
  * easy to configure, with a configuration syntax reminiscent of the OpenBSD
    Packet Filter's (PF)
  * fast and efficient: it can handle large queues with reasonable performance
 This package provides the full set of addons for OpenSMTPD, including
 experimental ones. Please see each for a description of additional
  * Tables:
    + ldap: support lookup against LDAP
    + passwd: support lookup in passwd-format tables
    + redis: support lookup against a Redis server
    + socketmap: support lookups against sockets
    + sqlite: support lookup in SQLite tables
  * Filters:
    + clamav: filter mail through clamd [clamav-daemon]
    + dkim-signer: add DKIM signatures to headers
    + dnsbl: perform DNSBL checks
    + monkey: randomly accept mail with a probability of 70%
    + pause: pause on new connections to avoid "slamming" attacks
    + regex: filter mail using regex
    + spamassassin: filter mail through SpamAssassin's spamd [spamassassin]
    + trace: trace SMTP sessions
 This package does not yet provide language bindings (Python, Perl, Lua,
 etc.) for implementing additional filters.

This package is a result of OpenSMTPD splitting off their collection of
filters and tables to a seperate project so as to minimise the number of
dependencies in OpenSMTPD proper, and to allow the two to have different
releases. Most of the above filters and tables already exist in the
opensmtpd package.

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