Package: freetuxtv
Version: 0.6.6~dfsg1-1
Severity: grave
Justification: Package RC-buggy (x2) and completely unusable since 2014

[ Follow-up to discussion in #debian-multimedia. ]

This package has been RC-buggy since 2014 (bugs #772845, #787351). In
particular, it is completely unusable: it encounters a segmentation
fault at startup. I am not opposed to continuing to sponsor it, but I
haven't used it in several years and have no interest in maintaining it

Does anybody have a strong desire to keep it in Debian? Seeing that it
has been completely unusable for a year and a half now, I'm ready to
give it one more month before asking for it to be removed. (That's to
say, unless someone replies to this bug report stating that they want to
take care of this package, I will ask for it to be removed (RoM) from
the archive come June 2016. As its sponsor, I realise I'm ultimately
responsible for the package, and there is no point in letting it
languish in the archives if nobody cares about it.)

Apart from general housekeeping, here's what's required:
 * Replace non-free icons (bug #787351). Upstream promised to deal with
   this in May 2015.
 * Apply user submitted patch for the segmentation fault (bug #772845).

Best wishes,

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