Am 15.09.2016 um 07:29 schrieb Jason Crain:
> On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 12:45:19PM +0200, Julien Cristau wrote:
>> I've started seeing these annoying warnings recently:
>> (evince:28346): Gtk-WARNING **: Allocating size to EvSidebar 0x55dcca0c2530 
>> without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How does the code 
>> know the size to allocate?
>> (evince:28346): Gtk-WARNING **: GtkIconView 0x55dcca12e680 is drawn without 
>> a current allocation. This should not happen.
>> These look like debugging messages to evince developers, not to me, I
>> shouldn't have to see them.
> Those messages probably point to real problems, and the EvSidebar
> message has already been reported upstream at
>  Though if you really want to hide
> the messages, the way to do that is to compile gtk with
> --enable-debug=no.


> ii  libgtk-3-0                                   3.21.5-3

Development versions of gtk, like 3.21.5 do have --enable-debug on by
default. This will be switched off automatically for 3.22 builds.

That said, as Jason pointed out, please do file such issues upstream,
unless they haven't been filed yet.

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