On Wed, 14 Sep 2016 at 08:01:31 -0300, André Cardoso wrote:
> Maybe you will need to talk to someone from Debian to define a better
> sequence for loading the modules at the boot time.

Assuming the KEYMAP variable is set to “y” in the initramfs
configuration (cryptsetup forces this), and assuming the ‘kbd’ package
is installed, the proper keyboard layout should be installed in the
initramfs image.  You can test this by adding the kernel parameter
“break” (type ‘E’ from the GRUB boot menu for instance): you'll be left
in the busybox shell of the initramfs image and therefore can make sure
you're entering the right characters.

The keyboard configuration file is located in ‘/etc/default/keyboard’
from the ‘keyboard-configuration’ package.  Modifying this file requires
the initramfs image to be created to include the new keymap: (type
`update-initramfs -u` to update the image).

By the way I didn't test it with the installer yet but I was able to add
a passphrase containing accented letters to an existing LUKS device (my
swap partition), and to unlock it successfully at initramfs stage.


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