inital bug discussion happpened via email, but we prefer to have this in
the BTS, so move the relevant part of the discussions here

> I see three possibility fo fix this:
>  A) switch to NFSv4 by default via a Vagrant configuration option
> NFSv4 does not requires the rpc.statd service to run before mounting a
> NFS share
>  B) force the rpcbind server to start earlier by patching stuff in /etc
>  C) switch to rsync as the default file sharing mecanismus ( or maybe
> p9fs) for libvirt boxes. Rsync has also the advantage of not requiring
> the root password for each vagrant up.
> I would propose to work this bug around in order of preferences via C)
or A)

A) seems cleaner.

wrt C):

- I have tried p9fs before and it is not so easy to make it work
  correctly, because you cannot get the uid mapping between host and vm
  correct all the time; it's "easy" to get it working if the share is
  read-only from the PoV of the VM, but not so easy otherwise.

- rsync seems like a terrible regression on how vagrant is supposed to
  work. you expect to change something from the host and it being
  immediately reflected on the VM, but when sharing via rsync you need
  to re-provision the VM to have your changes reflected, which sucks

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