On Thu, 15 Sep 2016, Chris Lamb wrote:

> Dear Maintainer,
> > Source: python-kinterbasdb
> > Version: 3.3.0-2
> > Tags: patch
> There hasn't seem to be any update on this bug in 63 days, in which
> time the Reproducible Builds effort has come on a long way. :)
> Would you consider applying this patch and uploading?

Hello Chris.

This package is orphaned and it's in collab-maint, so I just went
ahead, pushed your patch to git (with some additional metadata), and
made a QA upload.

While doing so I found this error:

remote: Migrating settings from hooks.* to multimailhook.*
remote: [...]
remote: git_multimail.ConfigurationException: The list of recipients
for refchangelist is not configured.
remote: Please set one of the following:
remote:     "multimailhook.refchangelist"
remote:     "multimailhook.mailinglist"

If you want to fix this, or explain briefly what's the proper way I
could fix it, I'll apreciate it.

But maybe for another project, because later I realized this one seems
to be obsolete:



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