On 16/09/2016 15:04, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
> I'm not sure how to reproduce the following behaviour: Sometimes
> Clementine does not play the whole song; it plays part of the song and
> then skips to the next one.  A long time ago I checked to see if the
> file was truncated by playing it in mplayer or mpv, and it seemed to
> be fine.  I had always assumed that I had bad tags/headers, or that it
> was minor bitrot, and I used to work around the issue by reripping the
> CD into FLAC.
> Unfortunately I was cooking in the kitchen the one time I heard it
> happen since I filed this bug.
> Who should I ask about methods to trigger this skipped content
> behaviour?  I'm guessing it will require a known-bad test file to
> reproduce, and I wonder if the maintainer of libtag1v5 could provide
> one.  L114-15 of the clementine changelog is why I thought a newer
> libtag might do the trick:
>   * Fix issues with some songs length thanks to Taglib. People with Taglib
>     installed on their system will have to wait a new release of Taglib.

Yes, it seems that clementine get a lot of troubles (including crashes)
using the current version of taglib in Debian but this is not a
build-depend issue and clementine is not the only package affected.

The source of the problem is just that the version 1.9.1 of taglib is
very buggy and that we need a newer version to be packaged in Debian.

There is a bug report against the taglib package here and I already post
on it:

* https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=805848

The best you can do to help is find a way to reproduce the bug you talk
about and next open a new bug report against clementine. Next we will
see what to do…


Thomas Pierson

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